Greedy cat snatches up steak as he steals owner's groceries!

Cats know when to pounce, as one TikToker recently found out the hard way! A kitty named Blue noticed that his human had left out the grocieres and assumed finders keepers.

TikTokers are all about how this greedy cat goes for the groceries!
TikTokers are all about how this greedy cat goes for the groceries!  © Collage: Screenshots/TikTok/@__olesya__

Olesya Krishchuk assumed that her groceries could sit in the kitchen for a few minutes, so she left it there as she went to put her baby down for a nap.

When she returned, she quickly realized she'd made a big mistake.

Her pet, a cat named Blue, had rummaged through the unattended bags and stolen the most expensive part of the shopping: a steak!

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The feisty feline had torn through the plastic wrap and was munching on the prime cut when Olesya returned to the kitchen.

Luckily, she took out a phone and caught the naughty cat in the act and shared the moment on TikTok.

Olesya's video of her greedy cat gobbling up her groceries boasts over 385,000 views, and users are totally obsessed with Blue's bold moves.

TikTokers gush over kitty grocery thief

"The absolute happiest cat I have seen on this app I had to fight mine when I made salmon," one commenter said, while another joked that this had to be the best day of this cat's life.

Other cat owners shared stories of their own felines' antics, and a few said their pets had stolen entire turkeys and chickens!

Olesya told Newsweek that she eventually pried the steak from Blue's paws and shared it with him later.

"We put it aside for him and fed it to him over the next few days. We typically give him any of the meat or seafood we're eating anyway, so he just got a head start," Olesya said.

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshots/TikTok/@__olesya__

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