Kitten adorably "ruins" self-proclaimed cat-hater's life!

Sonoran Desert, Arizona - A TikToker documenting his nomadic life in Arizona made an unlikely furry discovery that changed his life. This self-proclaimed cat-hater found a kitten under his trailer, and the rest was history!
This cute kitten turned a self-proclaimed cat hater into her best buddy!
This cute kitten turned a self-proclaimed cat hater into her best buddy!  © Collage: Screenshots/TikTok/@thetruckeduplife

On day 255 of living in the Arizonian wilderness, the TikTok creator, who goes by the name "That Guy," heard a noise under his trailer and found a little speckled gray kitten.

"What are you doing in the desert, my guy? Actually, I checked; you're a girl," he exclaims in a now-viral clip.

He wonders how the coyotes didn't get the kitten and where it came from before exclaiming: "I really don't like cats, but I guess you're my expense now."

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That first video ends with That Guy showing off the food and litter box he bought for his unexpected companion.

This sweet clip boasts more than three million views, and thousands of commenters declared it the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

TikToker quickly falls for the cute kitten

As That Guy continues documenting his life with the feline guest, it's clear that commenters were correct. As one quipped, "It always starts with, I hate cats. It ends with hundreds of videos snuggling the cat."

It's been 11 days since he discovered the kitten, now named Lady. His TikTok account name has been updated to "Lady and That Guy" and is full of adorable cat clips.

That Guy went from waking up, panicking, and swearing about having a cat somewhere in his trailer to cheering Lady on while she attacks a toy.

Kitten love has transformed this TikToker for the better, and millions of users are smitten with this dynamic duo!

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshots/TikTok/@thetruckeduplife

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