Never mind the Cat in the Hat, here's two cats in jeans!

Japan - It's pretty clear who wears the pants in this house! Everyone knows cats love to crawl into boxes and under blankets, but one Twitter user caught a couple of four-legged friends in an even tighter spot.

The two cats made themselves at home in a pair of jeans (collage).
The two cats made themselves at home in a pair of jeans (collage).  © Twitter/Bildmontage/tortoiseshell_9

People tend to go for sweat pants or Pjs when they want to get into something relaxing. But cats apparently prefer a slim fit.

Japanese Twitter user @tortoiseshell_9 is dedicated to the adventures of nine adorable cats and one photo in particular got a lot of attention.

In it, a pair of freshly-washed jeans lying the floor have been invaded by two sneaky fur balls playing hide-and-seek. Each has picked one pant leg to slip into and they both look perfectly cozy.

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The owner thought that the denim-clad cats were too cute not to share with the internet, and plenty of users agreed. Over 330,000 people liked the tweet, which included the perfect description: "Wait a minute, something is lurking in the laundry that my sister brought ..."

Perhaps it was the scent of the freshly washed jeans that attracted the cats. One of the photos even featured a third kitty in the background, closely observing the situation and possibly looking to join the fun.

The internet loves the cats in jeans

The user also published a short video of the cats in the slacks, in which the extraction operation is under way. A crumpling sound can be heard, and the two culprits are suddenly alert and ready to vacate the pants. One of them quickly wiggles out, but the other seems content to hang in there a while longer.

Hopefully the felines that borrowed the pants without asking didn't leave a bunch of fur in there, or else the owner is going to have their sister wash them again.

Cover photo: Twitter/Bildmontage/tortoiseshell_9

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