Pregnant cat faces illness and abandonment before she finally gets her happy ending

Montreal, Canada - Gisel the cat led a good life, but when she got pregnant, everything changed.

The mother-son team is inseparable!
The mother-son team is inseparable!  © Collage: Screenshot/Facebook/Chatons Orphelins Montréal

Her owners didn't want any baby kittens in the house and saw only one way out: they decided to abandon the little cat – in the middle of winter!

Fortunately, Gisel's 12-year-old "sister" heard what her parents were saying and immediately knew she couldn't let that happen.

"She was very affected by the situation and probably upset," the animal rescue organization Chatons Orphelins wrote on Facebook. "The little girl took the kitty in her arms and went to knock on the door of a neighbor who was helping cats to ask for assistance."

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And help is what she got: the kind lady knew what to do and called an animal shelter, which took in the kitty straight away.

When the young cat gave birth to little Pruno, everything finally seemed to have worked out.

But then the tide turned.

Animal rescuers shared Gisel's story on Facebook

Gisel had to say goodbye to her baby temporarily

Gisel stopped eating and could no longer take care of her little one.

When the caretakers took her to a clinic, the vets said she had an infection.

Although she received quick attention and survived the necessary surgery, her heart ached terribly. She missed her baby and cried out for him over and over.

Fortunately, it wasn't long before the two were reunited, and when they were, the joy was palpable.

"Gisel and Pruno recognized each other right away," said Chaton's Orphelins Montréal.

The mother and son have since been placed in a loving foster home, where they are receiving all the care and attention they deserve.

Cover photo: Bildmontage: Screenshot/Facebook/Chatons Orphelins Montréal

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