Vet gives injured cat a second chance at life and warms the heart of millions

Colerain Township, Ohio - When others turned their back on an injured stray, a veteranarian with a heart of gold gave one loveable cat "a second chance."

Matt McGlasson had other plans for his patient.
Matt McGlasson had other plans for his patient.  © Collage: Instagram/Screenshots/mattmcglasson

A yellow tabby was limping across the street in an Ohio town when residents found him in pain. He clearly had a major leg injury, and many thought the animal should be put out of its misery.

They brought the stray to local veterinarian Matt McGlasson, who runs several rescue facilities nearby, and all felt that the cat should be euthanized.

But McGlasson had a reaction that has since touched the hearts of millions: the doctor refused, and found another way to save him.

"My staff knows I have a soft spot for cats – we actually rescued and rehabilitated four kittens during Covid while our kids were doing school from home," the vet told The Dodo.

After a thorough check-up, he determined that there was no reason to euthanize the cat. He did discover though, that the suffering animal's leg was unable to be healed.

Doing what was necessary, the doctor amputated his leg – but saved the cat's life.

Three-legged cat gets millions of hits on TikTok and Instagram

Nemo, as McGlasson named him, quickly recovered and incredibly learned to walk with just three legs.

"He’s the nicest cat you’d ever meet," said his rescuer. "[He] loves everyone."

McGlasson wanted to take Nemo in, but since he already had multiple pets of his own, the cat has since been staying with a co-worker, who has given him a forever home.

"[He’s] doing amazing," McGlasson said. "Enjoying being a house cat, and he gets around great on three legs."

Nemo's story was posted to McGlasson's Instagram and TikTok accounts in March, and the videos have since gained more than two million views.

The vet's dedication to not giving up on any creature has inspired millions with his kindness.

Cover photo: Collage: Instagram/Screenshots/mattmcglasson

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