Gandalf the cat's amazing transformation delights Lord of the Rings fans

Park Falls, Wisconsin - This rescue cat from Wisconsin is truly magical!

This is what Gandalf looked like a year ago.
This is what Gandalf looked like a year ago.  © Reddit/Screenshot/rebekahnator

When owner Rebekah got her a year ago and named it Gandalf – in reference to the bearded wizard from The Lord of the Rings movies – she had no idea how fitting that would turn out.

According to Rebekah, the handsome cat comes from a local animal shelter in the town of Park Falls, Wisconsin. On Sunday, she published then-and-now photos of the feline on a Subreddit.

Just like the fictional wizard, her Gandalf had grown what looks like a long, white beard: the cat's fur extends in luxurious locks, from its neck all the way past its chest.

Clearly, Rebekah had clairvoyant abilities when she chose her new cat's name and the Reddit community was ecstatic.

More than 22,000 people upvoted the post within the first 19 hours and over 160 left a comment.

Rebekah reveals how Gandalf got his name

Visibly aged and bearded: Gandalf the Grey.
Visibly aged and bearded: Gandalf the Grey.  © Reddit/Screenshot/rebekahnator

Reddit users showered Gandalf with love and a few predictably tried their hand at a Lord of the Rings pun or two:

  • "Those eyes are mesmerizing. I would follow him into Moria."
  • "A wizard is never late, he arrives precisely when he means to."
  • "Listen to me very carefully: I don't like cats, but that is the most magnificent looking cat I have ever seen. May he live a long and happy life."
  • "I made my husband guess the cats name... And he got it right. Very much suits him."

Rebekah responded to some of the comments and revealed how Gandalf got his name:

"He’s acted like an old man since we first met him. The beard just confirmed it."

Cover photo: Reddit/Screenshot/rebekahnator

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