90s pup celebrates big birthday as one of the world's oldest dogs

Clifton Park, New York - Some animals are said to have nine lives – or in this case, a doggone 22!

Bobo got his very own 22nd birthday party! (collage)
Bobo got his very own 22nd birthday party! (collage)  © Twitter/Screenshot/dog_rates

It's rare for dogs to live past 20, but in a very few cases, it has happened.

A small four-legged friend named Bobo stunned the internet by celebrating a double-digit birthday on April 5 and turning a whopping 22.

Considering one "human year" equals about seven in "dog years," that makes Bobo 154-years-old!

The Chihuahua's birthday was captured by the Twitter account WeRateDogs, which shared photos of the senior dog sitting under two matching gold balloons for the big 2-2.

Bobo is a pup of the 90s. Until recently, he had lived with the same owner since 1999 – who is now getting older, too.

The pet owner moved into an assisted living facility a few months ago. Just like his owner, Bobo made the transition to a new dog home – for seniors!

The Mr. Mo Project in Clifton Park, New York, is an organization that specifically helps foster elderly dogs.

Bobo now leads the pack in his new home as the oldest of eight other canine companions.

"He just fills our hearts and our home with love and happiness," said a member of the Mr. Mo Project on Instagram.

Dog Bobo celebrated his 22nd birthday!

Bobo has lived longer than most dogs

The normal life expectancy of Chihuahuas is about 15 years, which makes them likely to live longer than other dog breeds.

Size matters when it comes to dogs' life spans – larger dogs, like mastiffs and Great Danes, typically live around eight years.

Bobo has defied the odds and is still kicking!

Cover photo: Instagram/Screenshot/mrmoproject

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