Abandoned puppy struggles for his life before his rescuer figures out what's wrong

Ierapetra, Greece - Puppy Teddy was whimpering and disoriented as he crawled towards animal welfare activist Takis.

Teddy had great difficulty holding himself upright.
Teddy had great difficulty holding himself upright.  © YouTube/Screenshot/Takis Shelter

The operator of a large animal shelter on the island of Crete published the heart-rending story of the little four-legged friend on his YouTube channel on Monday.

The video documents the shocking agony that Teddy had to endure. According to Takis, "some idiot" had sprayed the puppy with a poison that was supposed to protect it from ticks.

But that particular substance is only approved for cows and sheep.

As a result, the dog suffered a neurotoxic overdose and could no longer stand upright and walk.

Happy End for Teddy

You've gotten big: Teddy today.
You've gotten big: Teddy today.  © YouTube/Screenshot/Takis Shelter

The life-saving treatment turned out to be surprisingly straight-forward: Teddy was bathed frequently until his fur was completely clear of the poisonous agent.

During his recovery, Teddy stayed at Takis' shelter, where he could hang out and play with the other dogs.

Luckily, the effort paid off and the puppy soon learned how to walk again. The sweet little thing didn't have to stay in the shelter for long as he was soon adopted by a couple from England.

Today, Teddy is a fully grown, healthy and happy dog – a testament to Takis' amazing work.

Cover photo: YouTube/Screenshot/Takis Shelter

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