Abandoned starving dog gets a second chance at life thanks to a whole team of helpers!

Louisville, Kentucky - This dog's sad story took a touching turn: Ethan was abandoned in a parking lot at the beginning of the year, but luckily for him, he ended up finding happiness.

Ethan weighed a pitiful 32 pounds when he was found.
Ethan weighed a pitiful 32 pounds when he was found.  © Kentucky Humane Society

The Henderson family, who regularly brings toys and donations to the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS), noticed the poor neglected pooch lying on a white towel in the parking lot back on January 29 and immediately brought him in for help.

As People Magazine reported, the poor animal was extremely emaciated and close to death's door. He only weighed 32 pounds when he was found.

Now, thanks to care from the Kentucky Humane Society the male dog is up to a healthy 83 pounds, but that's not the only happy news the society shared on Facebook in the last few days.

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On Friday, news broke that Ethan is being adopted by his foster family! "Ethan continues to amaze us every single day. He just rolls with whatever comes his way with a smile and a tail wag" KHS wrote in THE post.

Jeff Calway, Ethan's new dad, said the poch is already "a big part of the family."

Everyone was invested in Ethan's recovery

Thanks to the KHS's detailed updates, Ethan has become a bit of a star and many people were invested in his recovery! So much so that even his new family is posting updates about his progress at home.

But they aren't the only people excited about Ethan's recovery. The Hendersons' 11-year-old son Tatum just had to know if the dog his family had helped rescue was all right.

The organization made sure that the boy he knew how instrumental he had been in Ethan's recovery by inviting him to meet the now healthy dog and celebrate his adoption.

The KHS team also gave Tatum something to thank him for all his good work: a T-shirt with the inscription "Team Ethan" and a card signed with the Ethan's paw print.

This sad story really does have a happy ending for everyone involved. Team Ethan for the win!

Cover photo: Kentucky Humane Society

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