All bets are on this dog winning you over with its incredible enthusiasm for sports!

Internet - This dog is definitely a big fan of horse racing!

Bella's clearly has a favorite sport.
Bella's clearly has a favorite sport.  ©

It's clear from the moment this viral TikTok video starts that Madison Coates's dog Bella is ready for the big race.

The fluffy pooch is inches from the TV screen on her hind legs. It's clear that she's excited for her favorite pastime.

What would that be?

Why, horse racing, of course! And when the event starts, Bella simply goes wild.

As the jockeys and their animals start going around the track, she just can't contain herself. Bella jumps into the air, barks loudly, and wags her tail.

Her eyes remain fixed on the screen the whole time and she keeps jumping straight into the air on her hind legs. Is she trying to cheer them on? Does she have some skin in the game?

Bella jumps in the air with joy

The terrier's enthusiasm is causing plenty of laughs online.
The terrier's enthusiasm is causing plenty of laughs online.  ©

Nothing can distract Bella from watching the races. There's a toy on the carpet behind the jumping pooch, but that can wait.

The whole clip is hysterical, and you can hear Madison laughing over Bella's barks. The clip has more than 1.3 million views, and it's clear from the almost 200,000 likes and 5,000 comments that TikTok users were almost as enthusiastic as Bella is about horse racing!

One person joked, "Doggie was a horse in a pervious life." Others are convinced that the dog has something riding on the final result: "he must of placed a bet on black betty." And another user emphasized that Bella must have bet "a whole box of treats on trifecta."

People were also impressed by the dog's ability to spring: "That jump is so human like."

Bella's infectious joy isn't limited to sports either. In another TikTok clip, the dog also goes wild when a dog food commercial comes on.

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