Barking match: Man and his dog get into a crazy food fight!

Internet - This man and his four-legged best friend are a crazy combo – especially when it comes to fighting over food!

A man and his dog make a gruesome twosome (collage).
A man and his dog make a gruesome twosome (collage).  © Facebook/Screenshot/Blackband

Blackband, a Facebook account which reposts funny movie clips and viral videos, shared a nail-biting moment between a hyped-up owner and his equally hyper dog.

In the video, the man is seen sitting at a table and finishing his meal. His large German shepherd seems to be dying for a taste of the food and barks at his owner, begging for a bite.

The gruesome twosome get into a hilarious and suspenseful play session in which the owner seems to be egging on the pup with his frenzied dog-like barking.

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The German shepherd joins in the excitement by jumping wildly in anticipation of what the man might do next. During their back-and-forth, his mouth gets questionably close to his owner's face, but never harms him.

After 42 seconds, the dog runs out of the room without ever getting a tasty treat.

Man and dog get into barking match

The video of the barking match has received more than 120,000 likes with many users sharing strong opinions. Some think the man pushes his dog too far.

"Not smart! The dog is stressed," one concerned viewer wrote. "It’s not a good idea to tease an animal."

"Don't do this," and "Not good!" others commented, thinking the dog may one day bite his owner.

Yet, many enjoyed the duo's bond and thought the negative commenters were overreacting.

"He is playing!" one user explained.

"Nice to see a bond so trusting. Dog looks healthy and is clearly having fun with his owner," said another fan.

Above all, the clip definitely entertained dog lovers: "I really laughed my a** off," a viewer wrote.

Cover photo: Facebook/Screenshot/Blackband

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