Hysterical dogs make millions giggle on TikTok

Dogs can be extremely silly sometimes - and they don't even realize it! Here are three of the most laughable videos we've come across this week on TikTok.

Dogs can be quite hysterical, especially when they are being extra crazy!
Dogs can be quite hysterical, especially when they are being extra crazy!  © Collage: Screenshot/TikTok/waltergeoffrey, pipinofina, & tenorliability

Dogs have the ability to turn a frown upside down, so if you've had a "ruff" week, look no further!

Have you ever seen a French Bulldog incredibly furious about getting put in the backseat of his owners' car?

How about a teeny-tiny Chihuahua running down an empty hallway with her tongue hanging out of the side of her mouth?

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If the answer is no, then we're here to help!

Take a look at the hysterical videos of our furry friends featured below.

Walter stop screaming

A clip posted by user @waltergeoffrey shows a French Bulldog named Walter having to sit in the backseat of a car.

Considering his siblings get to sit towards the front, Walter gets audibly furious and starts to "scream" as his owner explains the rules of taking turns.

Viewers flocked to the comment section with replies like, "The way they turned to look at him" and "He put his soul into that."

TikTok users couldn't get enough of this emo Frenchie:

Silly disoriented Chihuahua

In this next clip, a cute and excited Chihuahua named Finika gets to steal the spotlight!

The video shows the pup standing down the hallway from her owner, who is singing Flowers by Miley Cyrus with a funny audio filter.

Once the dog notices her owner, she hysterically runs towards her with her tongue hanging out.

"She is so cute, every time I watch one of your videos I feel like my heart is about to explode," one TikTok user commented. The clip managed to receive over 1 million likes.

Check it out:

Ruby secretly loves the attention

This video features an owner singing a tune that perfectly matches his dogs' look!

The Texas Heeler named Ruby gives her owner a hysterical gaze while he improvises a silly little tune.

While Ruby may have not seemed thrilled about her new theme song, many TikTok users were.

"Making this my ringtone rn," one commenter joked.

Many others also chimed in to comment on how Ruby's owner sings so well. "Why are you genuinely talented?" one user asked.

Ruby may not have the most energy, but at least her owner knows how to have a fun time!

Sing along here:

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Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/TikTok/waltergeoffrey, pipinofina, & tenorliability

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