Creepy or funny? An ingenious toy gives this dog a wild look

Australia – This yellow lab is making lots of people laugh with his crazy grin, courtesy of his new favorite ball.

Dante's ball has teeth on it (collage).
Dante's ball has teeth on it (collage).  © Twitter/Collage/hilary_l072

One dog owner didn't want her favorite fur ball to be without a gift on Christmas, so she went for something classic: a ball. But this toy was unique – it has teeth!

The Twitter user hilary_l072 from Australia shared the hilarious pictures of her sister's dog enjoying the present.

The red ball has huge cartoon-like teeth, so when the dog has the toy in his mouth, it looks like he has some huge chompers! To some, the dog's "teeth" may appear sinister, while others may find the dog looks like he's been given some ill-fitting dentures.

Cat siblings are too cute for words during birdwatching session!
Cats Cat siblings are too cute for words during birdwatching session!

The pictures of the animal are making lots of viewers laugh. The Australian's snaps went viral, and more than a million people liked the post.

Thrilled by the positive feedback, the user revealed the dog's name: Dante.

Dante the dog makes Twitter grin with him

Many Twitter users wanted to know where to get a similar ball so they could make their own pooches grin. Some users pointed out that it must have been hard to get the "teeth" in exactly the right position for a perfect smile.

Because Dante's big grin gained so much traction on Twitter, the Australian pointed out that the dog has an active Instagram account: DanteTheYellowLabrador. Dante isn't always pictured with his ball, but he is consistently cute nonetheless.

Cover photo: Twitter/Bildmontage/hilary_l072

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