Dog with googly eyes becomes a huge TikTok star, but her story is less than funny

New Jersey - What are you looking at? Millions of TikTok users pity this dog with googly eyes because of the sad story behind her odd look. Why does this dog have weird eyes, and why is the story so devastating?

Sweet Bailey suffers from a rare condition that has caused her googly eyes.
Sweet Bailey suffers from a rare condition that has caused her googly eyes.  © Collage: TikTok/@baileyandkell

The first thing many people do when they see Bailey the Kangal shepherd is laugh at her googly eyes. They're truly spectacular, after all, and incredibly funny.

As amusing as this googly eyed dog is, her silly look isn't a sign of good health. Luckily, while Bailey's story is sad, she isn't in any pain.

This crazy eyed dog developed googly eyes unexpectedly

Bailey's owner recently explained her situation on their TikTok channel baileyandkell. In a short clip, she said that when Bailey's eyes first started swelling, they rushed her to the vet. Initially, the vet said that the dog had allergies, and it was nothing to worry about, but sadly this animal doctor was mistaken.

A few days later, the swelling disappeared, but poor Bailey's eyeballs were protruding from her head. Sure, it looked kind-of funny, but it was also extremely frightening to her owners, who were worried that she was seriously unwell.

Having gone to many different veterinarians, and having tried tons of different medicines, nothing seemed to be helping. Finally, they had a break through and learned that the poor pooch suffers from a rare disease.

Why is Bailey a dog with googly eyes?

According to a recent video, Bailey suffers from a condition called extraocular myositis, an autoimmune disease that affects the muscles around the eye. According to her owner, the poor dog's googly eyes aren't in pain, but the medications do come with less than ideal side effects. For example, since her diagnosis, Bailey has lost a ton of weight.

Overall, Bailey's treatment seems to be working well, and her owner says that she isn't showing signs of long-term damage. Throughout the whole ordeal, Bailey has become an internet star for being a funny dog with googly eyes.

This dog with googly eyes become a TikTok star!

The video clip about her crazy-looking eyes garnered Bailey more than 14 million views, her many fans rooting for her recovery as best they can. While it may seem strange to give your dog with googly eyes a TikTok channel, it's for a good cause.

Everyone loves Bailey. She might be a googly eyed dog, and that might be funny, but her many fans are crossing their fingers for a full recover, and are proud for the work she has done bringing attention to this rare and horrible condition.

Cover photo: Collage: TikTok/@baileyandkell

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