Large chihuauas: How big can a chihuahua get?

Chihuahuas are of course famous for being as petite as a dog can bet. But are all of them really that tiny? How big can this breed actually get?

There are no purebred chihuahuas that are bigger than normal, only cross-breeds.
There are no purebred chihuahuas that are bigger than normal, only cross-breeds.  © 123RF/Alek0210

Few dogs are as popular yet divisive as the chihuahua, famous for its incredibly cute looks but also for being a bit of a loudmouth.

But then again, what would happen if you crossbred a chihuahua with a doggo that's a tad bigger?

Are there any big chihuahuas out there, and how big can they get?

Can a female chihuahua breed with a larger dog and, if so, what will its puppy be like?

Let's take a look at what happens when you supersize a tiny doggo!

How big can a chihuahua get?

In general, a chihuahua will grow to be about five to ten inches tall, at most about 13 inches. They generally weigh between three and five pounds, though some will reach as much as six or seven pounds. From those pretty simple and standard numbers, you can probably tell that the humble chihuahua is pretty tiny.

Chihuahuas are so tiny, in fact, that to many they are a "toy" dog breed, meaning that they are not much bigger than a children's toy. Some owners will even carry them around in their handbags (usually with their head poking out), while others will have them groomed and entered into some of the many dog competitions available to the humble chihuahua.

If your chihuahua is more than six or seven pounds, and higher than 13 inches in height, then it would be considered a massive dog for its breed. In such situations, you have to wonder why it's so huge.

Just so you know: If you are a fan of chihuahuas and are considering adopting one, we have an incredibly detailed and useful guide to chihuahuas that will inform you on everything that you should know about this dog breed before you take the plunge.

How big does a teacup chihuahua get?

Funnily enough, there are both larger and smaller chihuahuas in the world. The latter, generally known as teacup chihuahuas, are up to six inches tall, and will never weigh more than two pounds. These tiny little dudes are quite strange creatures and not anywhere near as popular as their slightly bigger counterparts.

What's important to note, though, is that teacup chihuahuas are considered a torture breed, and one of the most unethical dog breeds in the world. In many countries the breeding of teacup chihuahuas or, indeed, any teacup dog, is illegal and can be punished severely.

This is because there are a variety of health problems that will almost certainly plague a teacup chihuahua. They have a very low quality of life and often experience trouble breathing, and a lot of pain due to issues in their joints. While chihuahuas are some of the longest living dogs in the world, teacup chihuahuas are unlikely to survive for very long.

So, yes, teacup chihuahuas exist, but they shouldn't. They are tiny and defenseless creatures, who will suffer a lot if allowed to be bred.

While there is no King of the chihuahuas, cross-breeds can find some success.
While there is no King of the chihuahuas, cross-breeds can find some success.  © 123RF/Emmanuellegrimaud

Large chihuahua breeds: are they a thing?

Yes, there are larger chihuahuas in the world, but if they weigh more than seven pounds, they are not considered "breed standard." In most cases, though, the reason why a chihuahua will be bigger than the norm is because it has been crossbred with another dog breed. When this happens, it can't be considered just a simple chihuahua anyway.

Of course, there is an exception to this rule: If your chihuahua is overweight or obese, it may exceed the standard size of its breed. In such a situation, though, there is cause for concern. Overweight and obese dogs can face many serious health issues, so should be made to go on a diet and lose the excess weight as soon as possible.

There are no larger alternatives to the standard chihuahua breed, such as there are with the likes of giant schnauzers or large poodles, so if your chihuahua is bigger than the norm it is either overweight or a mixed breed.

Can a female chihuahua breed with a large dog?

There are few dogs smaller and as cute as the humble chihuahua.
There are few dogs smaller and as cute as the humble chihuahua.  © Unsplash/Alondra Pavón

It is technically possible to breed a normal-sized female chihuahua with a bigger dog, but it is not recommended. While it is possible for a chihuahua to get pregnant with, say, a golden retriever's puppy, that puppy has a much higher risk of health issues throughout its life. After all, larger dogs generally live shorter lives than small dogs.

The biggest risk, though, is during birth. After all, a tiny chihuahua could face a lot of issues giving birth to a litter of comparatively big puppies. This poses a threat to its health both during pregnancy, as the babies grow inside her belly, and when she eventually has to give birth. In such a situation, it is required that the dog is taken to a veterinarian for birthing assistance and medical attention.

In the most severe of cases, a female dog will need emergency medical help during and after the birth, simply to keep her alive. This is not only devastating for the human owners of that beloved chihuahua, but incredibly painful and traumatic for the dog itself.

Ultimately, while physically possible, a female chihuahua should not be crossbred with bigger dog species. It can pose health risks for all those involved (except for the father), and is just generally not a good idea.

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