Dog sings along to country classic in amazing duet

Hazard, Kentucky - You can’t teach an old dog new tricks – but apparently you can teach him a country music classic by the late, great John Denver!

Luke Glaser and his canine co-singer make a very talented pair.
Luke Glaser and his canine co-singer make a very talented pair.  © Screenshot/Instagram/Animals Doing Things

Man's best friend might be making an appearance in the Billboard charts soon if Luke Glaser and his canine companion have anything to do with it.

In a video posted on the Animals Doing Things Instagram account, the young man Hazard, city commissioner from Hazard, Kentucky starts strumming the chords to Take Me Home, Country Road on his acoustic guitar while his dog sits on the couch next to him.

The second Glaser starts singing the first verse, his faithful pooch immediately jumps in, offering up some howling harmonies and doing his part in the cover. When Glaser hits the lows, his pup does the same – as the chorus builds, the dog’s howls build, too!

If this was the first time to two sang together, they’ve surely got everyone fooled. The preparation and rehearsal it takes to nail the changes in pitch don’t always come naturally, especially the first time around – and that’s just talking about human singers. Adding a dog into the mix would really complicate the performance in most cases, but that definitely wasn’t the case here.

It’s almost as if the two were destined to become a duo. The timing was fluid and impressive, and both of them are clearly putting a lot of heart into the song.

There was plenty of appreciation for the doggy duet on Instagram, where the video got over 142,000 views and more than 13,000 likes.

As if dogs weren't amazing enough already, you can now put having a keen ear and impeccable taste in music on the list!

Cover photo: Screenshot/Instagram/Animals Doing Things

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