El Paso man arrested after Instagram user records him heartlessly abandoning a husky

El Paso, Texas - Last week, a man abandoned his dog on the side of a street in El Paso. He luckily didn't get away with it.

Luis Antonio Campos was arrested on Friday.
Luis Antonio Campos was arrested on Friday.  © El Paso County Sheriff's Office - EPCSO

The man and his accomplice were filmed doing their deed by another motorist, who not only videotaped the entire incident, but later even rescued the poor husky.

In the heartrending clip, which was posted on Instagram last on July 21, a young man can be seen leaving the animal on the side of the road, while another man is waiting for him in the driver's seat.

The first man then calmly gets back into his car, before the driver hits the gas and speeds off.

The scene gets even more emotionally devastating as the husky desperately runs after the vehicle, which never slows down and just continues on.

Dog lover Esmie, who shared the footage on her Instagram account, wrote: "This heartbreaking scene is what happens here day in and day out here (...) I am disgusted, I am furious, and I am heartbroken. El Paso needs to DO BETTER."

Happy ending for the husky

The husky has since found a new home with a loving family.
The husky has since found a new home with a loving family.  © Screenshot/Instagram/ms.mojorising_

Fortunately, the person behind the camera was able to catch the husky and bring him to the El Paso County Sheriff's office, Esmie explained.

Thanks to the video footage and the plate number of the car, officers were then quickly able to identify the husky's owner.

On Friday, they arrested 68-year-old Luis Antonio Campos. He has been charged with Animal Cruelty and taken into custody.

Officials later shared on Facebook, "These crimes against our voiceless animal victims are taken seriously and we actively seek to hold suspects accountable for these cruel acts."

In the end, the sad story had a good ending for the husky, who has since been named Nanook. Within only a few days, a family took gave him a new forever home.

Cover photo: Screenshot/Instagram/ms.mojorising_

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