Heading to Dogwarts: the dog who only responds to Harry Potter spells

Los Angeles, California - Remus doesn't just look the part, in his Harry Potter-themed costume. The enchanting dog also plays along by responding to the magical commands popularized by the franchise.

Dachshund Remus is as enthusiastic about Harry Potter as his mistress.
Dachshund Remus is as enthusiastic about Harry Potter as his mistress.  © instagram.com/remus_the_doxie/

You're a wizard, Remus!

This dachshund has the internet spellbound with his outfit and antics.

Remus' owner, huge Harry Potter fan and voice actor Anna Brisbin, uses the spells invented by J. K. Rowling instead of normal commands.

It can't be "fetch" - Remus only reacts to "accio ball" and as soon as he hears the killing curse Avada Kedavra, he knows to play dead. Wingardium Leviosa, which makes objects float in the magical world, will get him to stand on his hind legs.

In an interview with Pet Central, Brisbin explains that she adopted Remus in May 2018, when he was just two months old.

He is of course named after a character from the series: "The Harry Potter books are my everything and Remus Lupin is my favorite 'Defense Against the Dark Arts' teacher (if not my favorite teacher overall), my favorite Marauder, and I believe just an overall highly underappreciated character."

Remus reacts to seven different spells

As soon as Remus hears a spell, he reacts immediately.
As soon as Remus hears a spell, he reacts immediately.  © screenshot youtube

It made perfect sense for Brisbin to also teach her pet a little of his namesake's magical vocabulary.

With a little patience and a lot of treats, Remus passed his Hogwarts exams.

It's all in the video uploaded to Brisbin's YouTube channel. Dressed for the occasion, he instantly responds to his owner's commands, delivered via wand of course.

 The next step could be teaching Remus quidditch. He would probably love nothing more than to chase that snitch.

Cover photo: screenshot youtube

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