Hilarious fluffy malamute will do anything to avoid bath time

Manchester, UK - Some people love taking baths. Some dogs do, too. Phil is not one of those dogs.

Phil tries to blend in with his surroundings.
Phil tries to blend in with his surroundings.  © Screenshot/Facebook/9Gag

Phil, the fluffiest malamute you ever did see, really hates bath time – seriously, he'd do anything to avoid it!

If there's one theme to the Matthews family's many videos, it's their adorable pooch's hatred of getting a good scrub.

Of their four majestic malamutes, Phil is the only one who seems to have this problem. Again and again, his British owners have to come up with increasingly complicated ways of convincing the dog to hop into the bathtub. One of these efforts made such a splash online that it got picked up by the 9GAG Facebook page, which made Phil even more of an internet star.

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In the video, the Matthews summon him up the stairs. By the look on Phil’s face, you can tell that he knows what's coming – and he doesn't like it one bit!

This malamute thinks he's a chameleon

Hiding behind the toilet bowl is always an option.
Hiding behind the toilet bowl is always an option.  © Screenshot/Facebook/9Gag

Getting Phil into the bathroom is just the start of the fun. For his first attempt at resistance, he tries hiding in plain view, clearly thinking, "If I can’t see them...they can’t see me."

Then the malamute changes tactics. Getting desperate, he squishes his big head in between the back of the toilet and the wall, leaving the entire backside of his body exposed.

This is yet another failed attempt at blending in with his surroundings, but he isn't giving up just yet. If only he could find another hiding spot, a fail-proof one that uses someone else’s vulnerability as a weapon, and a shield from the bath that he must’ve thought was going to make him melt.

How about a real-life, human baby? Turns out that the Matthews family's youngest member can’t really do much protecting, and after hiding behind the baby’s bouncer for a good minute, Phil finally retreated and succumbed to his humans’ efforts to lift him into the tub.

"There you go! Was that the worst thing in the world?" his owners ask him. The look on Phil's face says it all. Bath time will always be the worst time for this dog!

Cover photo: Screenshot/Facebook/9Gag

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