Hoarding hound: TikTok user catches dog trying to smuggle in something unexpected

Internet - On TikTok, a cunning canine is getting millions of likes after being caught trying to smuggle contraband.

Normally, Riggins seems like a sweet puppy, but sometimes the little guy tries to trick his owner.
Normally, Riggins seems like a sweet puppy, but sometimes the little guy tries to trick his owner.  © instagram.com/claydixon und tiktok.com/@claymdixon

Dog owners may be familiar with finding things that don't belong in the house after coming home from a walk with their best animal buddy. There's nothing a pooch won't find interesting enough to bring along as a souvenir.

This is exactly what happened to TikTok user Clay Dixon. In one of his latest videos, Clay is in the process of discovering what his young golden retriever named Riggins managed to smuggle indoors.

The clip shows Clay opening the dog's mouth with both hands and shaking his entire head like it's a box of mints. This may sound cruel at first, but there's a good reason for the extreme measures.

As soon as Riggins' jaws unclench, half a dozen acorns pour out of the dog's mouth! And it takes a few strudy shakes to dislodge every single one of them.

The clip has more than 24 million views and 5 million likes, all in just three days since it was published. Check out video for yourself!

Thousands of TikTok users laugh at the hoarding hound

The post has more than 70,000 comments and users are busy making fun of the silly dog. Some wondered whether Riggins might not actually be a different species: "That's not a dog, sir. It's a squirrel!"

Others noted Clay's seen-this-before attitude: "Dude had the look like 'I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.'" And another remarked, "the dog's face like 'how'd those get there.'"

Many commenters also shared that their four-legged friends also constantly hide things in their mouths. One revealed that his dog has a penchant for rocks.

But there's no need to don't worry: little Riggins didn't mind being shaken. If you want to see more of the cute hoarding hound, just check out Clay Dixon's TikTok account.

Cover photo: instagram.com/claydixon und tiktok.com/@claymdixon

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