Maine dog re-enacts plot of Lassie in heroic rescue operation!

Limington, Maine, - This dog wouldn't stop barking until the police followed her. She had something important to show them.

This bitch barked until she was followed.
This bitch barked until she was followed.  © Facebook/Screenshot/York County Sheriff's Office - Maine

In Limington, Maine, a female dog was barking with all her might in a wooded area around 4:45 PM on January 5.

A woman who lives in the area called the police because she had heard yelling behind her house. When officers arrived at the scene they found the bellowing dog.

The dog wouldn't stop barking until Sergeant Steve Thistlewood followed the upset animal. The law enforcement officers described the event on their Facebook page, "In a scene out of a classic Lassie movie, the dog kept barking until Sergeant Thistlewood followed her."

Golden retriever loves getting scratches from cat sibling!
Dogs Golden retriever loves getting scratches from cat sibling!

It quickly became clear that the dog had an agenda, and she led the Sergeant to a brook where he found an elderly man who had fallen in. The man was no longer able to yell and was already suffering from hypothermia.

The officer quickly alerted first responders, and they rushed to the man's aid.

The dog was to blame!

The man's body temperature had dropped to 84 degrees Fahrenheit which according to the Facebook post made him susceptible to a heart attack.

Later, officers talked to the 84-year-old's son and found out that the man is legally blind and had been taking his dog Samantha on a walk. But when Samantha took off and the man tried to follow her. While trying to collect his pet he slipped on something, fell down the embankment and into the brook. He tried to yell for help but soon became exhausted because of the cold.

Luckily, Samantha realized her owner was in trouble and started barking for help. So even though Samantha put her owner in a terrible situation she also did her best to help him when his voice gave out.

The story has a happy ending, but the man probably won't be taking Samantha on a walk by the brook again anytime soon.

Cover photo: Facebook/Screenshot/York County Sheriff's Office - Maine

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