Men find terrified dog in the bushes and make a terrible discovery

Rajasthan, India - It is a miracle that the animal welfare activists of Animal Aid Unlimited found this dog to begin with.

The dog couldn't have run away even if he wanted to.
The dog couldn't have run away even if he wanted to.  © YouTube/Screenshot/Animal Aid Unlimited

The rescuers found the poor pup by chance, in a thicket in the Indian state of Rajasthan. The dog didn't run away or make a sound when they approached. The men quickly found out why.

In YouTube video uploaded on Thursday, Animal Aid Unlimited reported that the pooch couldn't move his hind legs at all. According to the team, he was in a lot of pain and an examination showed that his spine was badly damaged, which partially paralyzed him.

Precious, as the activists, called him, went through six weeks of treatment, with plenty of rest and physical therapy. There was hope that this would help him walk properly again.

But there was very little improvment at first.

The team kept working with Precious even though it seemed hopeless

Precious is now a happy dog.
Precious is now a happy dog.  © YouTube/Screenshot/Animal Aid Unlimited

Weeks later, Precious still couldn't move his hid legs. The Animal Aid Unlimited team lost heart and the dog's fate seemed sealed: he would probably never get better.

But Precious wanted to fight on.

After two months of countless training sessions and encouraging pats, there was finally a major breakthrough. Today, he can walk again, albeit somewhat awkwardly.

Up next is another less than pleasant medical procedure – Precious will get neutered. But it's all part of an amazing success story that saw a terrified, paralyzed stray turn into a happy, healthy pet .

The organization is appealing for donations that can help them continue their good work.

Cover photo: YouTube/Screenshot/Animal Aid Unlimited

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