Pup on TikTok shows off signs of a happy doggo in zoomies style

Dogs can be sour and they can be sweet, but one TikTok account broke down the signs of a happy pup in adorable style.

A dog on TikTok displays the signs of a happy pup.
A dog on TikTok displays the signs of a happy pup.  © Collage: Screenshot/TikTok/@smuckersthepitbull

Sometimes, doggos do weird things that make pet owners question what exactly their animal's love language is.

In a video that's garnered 5.5 million views in roughly a week, Smuckers the pit bill showcases the main signs of a happy dog.

As the clip begins, Smuckers is seen sitting like the good good it is while sporting precious pajamas. Then, the cute canine proceeds to illustrate just what those happy pup signs look like, starting with showing their bellies.

Kitten trying to cross the highway causes chaos!
Cats Kitten trying to cross the highway causes chaos!

The vid then shows a montage of snippets featuring Smuckers adorably rolling on the ground and showing its belly before rolling through the rest of the happy dog signs.

Other signs Smuckers perfectly displayed were the zoomies, which, according to the TikTok, is something that only healthy and happy dogs do. And if that's true, then Smuckers must be one happy pup!

Another sign included pups sleeping a lot, and displaying "soft eyes," which are similar to the angel eyes pups give their owners while ever so casually begging for human food.

Despite all the cuteness Smuckers displayed throughout the TikTok, it was the moment the precious pup seemingly winked that stole viewers' hearts.

"Anyone else notice the dog winked or am I tripping," one user wrote, and the original poster simply responded with a smirking emoji and a giant smiling emoji.

Another user shared their own belief about what a dog's wink means: "When my dog winks at me I think it's my ancestors."

That's surely one way to think about a dog's winking ways!

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/TikTok/@smuckersthepitbull

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