Puppy trapped inside ventilation shaft for hours but rescuers won't give up

Douglas County, Colorado - A tiny Pekingese puppy fell into an open ventilation shaft and got stuck, creating a challenge for the emergency services.

A whimper sounded through the ventilation shaft where the puppy was stuck.
A whimper sounded through the ventilation shaft where the puppy was stuck.  © Collage: Screensjots/X/@SouthMetroPIO

As the South Metro Fire Rescue announced on Facebook, the fire department rushed to the animal accident in Douglas County in mid-June.

Apparently, the twelve-week-old 5-lb "Archie Bean" accidentally slipped through the uncovered ventilation shaft on the third floor of a townhouse after jumping off the bed.

Then his harrowing three-hour ordeal began.

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Rescuers spent nearly three hours trying to get to the distressed and whimpering puppy out.

"The rescue operation was not without its challenges, as the crew had to navigate through the intricate ductwork of the townhome to locate Archie," the fire department said.

Several holes in the ceiling and walls were necessary to gain access to the duct system.

Archie was finally discovered in the basement using a small camera, and a video shows Archie's adventure and the tearful reunion with his worried human.

"Keep your vents covered," urged the pet owner afterward.

"If you have a small animal in your house, don't think twice – just leave the vents covered. That's my advice," she said while petting little Archie.

Cover photo: Collage: Screensjots/X/@SouthMetroPIO

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