Puppy's adorable reaction to taking a bath melts hearts

Chicago, Illinois - Footage of a cute Shih Tzu taking a bath is capturing hearts on the internet.

The fluffy Shih Tzu looks even more adorable after taking a bath (collage).
The fluffy Shih Tzu looks even more adorable after taking a bath (collage).  © Twitter/Collage/GinaUrso

When Gina Uso from Illinois saw the adorable look on her son's puppy's face, she couldn't help but share snaps of the precious pooch on Twitter.

"My son’s dog taking a bath is all the cuteness my heart needs tonight," she wrote alongside a picture of the little canine, clinging to edge of the tub with his tiny paws.

Completely soaked in water, the dog looks over the bathtub with big eyes as if asking his owner to pick him up.

The precious puppy eyes had over 500,000 users around the world feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

A number of commenters agreed: the bathing nugget must be a mix between Baby Yoda and Baby Chewbacca!

Bathing dog melts Twitter users' hearts

The bathing dog already has his own social media accounts

At fans' request, Gina shared more photos of the fluffy pooch when dry – including baby pics! The cute animal is not alone in the house, or online: he shares a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account with his siblings, who are just as adorable.

"Fur-balls, nothing else in life matters," Gina wrote on Twitter. It seems fans can look forward to more snapshots of the dogs in the future!

Cover photo: Twitter/Collage/GinaUrso

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