Thief got away with twelve dogs, but animal lovers were on his trail

Portland, Oregon - Sunni Liston panicked when an unknown man suddenly got into her car and drove off, taking not only valuable personal items but also twelve dogs.

Sunni loves dogs more than anything, and even her coronavirus mask comes in a dog design (collage, stock image).
Sunni loves dogs more than anything, and even her coronavirus mask comes in a dog design (collage, stock image).  © Collage: vacharapong/123RF, Sunni Liston

The 60-year-old manager of Coopers Dogpatch in Portland, Oregon, was unloading a client's dog when a stranger took the opportunity to get into the van and speed away.

Unfortunately, Sunni had left the key in the ignition. She was planning to continue on to the next customer after delivering the dog.

As the Washington Post reports, the woman panicked when the car was stolen and notified the police. Among the twelve four-legged friends in the van was her own dog, Howard.

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"My little guy in the front seat, I was scared to death about him," Sunni said. Luckily, the staff at Cooper's Dogpatch were so dedicated and helpful that they were quicker to respond than the police officers.

One employee came up with the idea of using a tracking app to locate Sunni's iPhone, which was still inside the van, which turned out to be a success.

Sunni's best friend, who lives nearby, jumped into her car and stood in front of the van so that it could not drive away.

Luckily, all the dogs were safe after their kidnapping

As it turned out, the thief had fled. He left the dogs unharmed, but he took Sunni's wallet, which contained several hundred dollars. The police have started an investigation.

Despite the loss of money, Sunni was overjoyed that nothing had happened to the twelve dogs. After the 60-year-old had overcome the shock, she was able to return the remaining animals to their owners.

Cover photo: Collage: vacharapong/123RF, Sunni Liston

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