This dachshund and golden retriever mix is almost too cute!

Belgium - If you put a golden retriever and dachshund together, you get what's called a golden dox or a golden weenie – a mix that will waddle its way right into your heart.

What do you get when you mix these two family favorite dog breeds?
What do you get when you mix these two family favorite dog breeds?  © Collage: 123RF/leungchopan & 123RF/tempusfugit

Both golden retrievers and dachshunds have been family favorites for years and years.

On the face of it, these two dog breeds are drastically different. Dachshunds are small dogs, famous for their sausage-like bodies, floppy ears, and short legs.

Golden retrievers are big, fluffy, soft-mouthed drool machines. The pups are known for their sunny dispositions, love of families, and fetching skills.

Mixing these lovable breeds results in designer puppies called golden dox or golden weenies.

Wondering if it's a good idea to cross-breed two very different doggos like these, or if this kind of breeding exacerbates the health problems that plague both breeds?

According to, golden weenies tend to have fewer health difficulties than their purebred parents. They take the best of both lineages and are cuter than all get out!

If it's hard to image the mix, just take a look at Mollie, a golden weenie with a pretty big social media following.

This golden weenie named Mollie is short and sweet

Golden weenies are cute, familiy-friendly dogs

Could this golden dox look any happier to be on the beach?
Could this golden dox look any happier to be on the beach?  © Instagram/Screenshot/mollie.goldendox

Mollie moved into her forever home in Belgium in October 2019 after she was found waddling the streets of Romania, according to her website. This adorable golden dox has the best aspects of both her parents.

A quick scroll through Mollie's Instagram will prove that this cross-breed is almost too cute.

No wonder this pooch as more than 3,000 Instagram followers!

Mollie clearly takes after both her parents. She's got the coat of a golden retriever and the body of a cute little hot dog pooch. Like most golden weenies, she's got a lot of energy!

According to, the golden dox is generally a friendly and intelligent mix, but the dog experts note that these pups aren't great for families with other small animals in the house because the dachshund influence can make them a bit snippy.

Otherwise, this breed loves to play and can be a great family dog.

Cover photo: Collage: 123RF/leungchopan & 123RF/tempusfugit

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