This dog has a berry special favorite toy and the internet loves it!

New York, New York – Don't play with your food, they say. This German shepherd named Ava doesn't agree!

Ava doesn't even think about eating the berry! (collage)
Ava doesn't even think about eating the berry! (collage)  © Collage: TikTok/Screenshot/avagshepherd

Toys have always been Ava's great love. No matter whether the black fur ball is sad, happy, angry, or bored – they always make her feel better!

But she is now replacing balls, ropes, and stuffed animals with something very special.

Ava's owner Talia Henze told The Dodo that it all started when the dog watched her eating blueberries one day.

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What interesting little treats! Ava couldn't take her eyes off them.

Henze decided to give some to her beloved four-legged friend. She had no idea what she was setting in motion, as the dog reacted quite differently than expected.

Instead of chomping the blueberry, Ava carried it to her bed and lay down next to it.

At first Henze thought Ava didn't understand the berries were edible. When she tried to show her, it made no difference. The clever dog wasn't interested in eating them.

Instead, Ava preferred to carry the little blueberry around and take care of it.

That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Now, whenever Henze snacks on blueberries, she shares one with Ava, and the dog is busy for the rest of the day.

One thing is clear: for the caring canine, blueberries are friends, not food.

On the TikTok account avagshepherd, Talia Henze regularly shares funny videos of her furry friend, enchanting followers with occasional clips of Ava and her blueberry.

Cover photo: Collage: TikTok/Screenshot/avagshepherd & Instagram/Screenshot/avagshepherd

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