This dog was to meet a bitterly cold end until someone heard its cries

Churapcha, Russia - This is one very unusual rescue operation. It was -65 degrees Fahrenheit outside in the Siberian village of Churapcha when a woman heard a dog howling for help. The pup was frozen to the ground and could only move its head and cry.

A dog froze in the icy snow in a village in Siberia (stock image).
A dog froze in the icy snow in a village in Siberia (stock image).  ©

The woman who heard the animal's heartbreaking howls was working in the kitchen of the local hospital at the time, the Daily Mail reported.

She followed the sound and found a stray dog almost completely frozen alive.

The woman tried to free the poor beast but couldn't get it out of the ice on her own.

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Luckily a group of locals offered to help. A man named Terenty Tomsky used a crowbar to carefully break through the ice that had pinned the dog to the ground. It was slow-going, and the dog never stopped crying.

Terenty later posted footage of the frozen animal on Instagram.

Before watching the video, know that it is not for the faint of heart. Luckily, the story has a happy ending!

The dog was found in one of the world's coldest inhabited regions

Terenty Tomsky managed to liberate the dog from the ice.

Once freed, the dog was taken somewhere warm and given food. Local media reported that the dog's paws appeared to be frostbitten, but luckily the vet who examined the animal found that the injuries were surprisingly minor.

But this dog isn't just lucky because it didn't end encased in ice. It also got a new home! The woman who heard its cries has decided to adopt the poor animal.

Churapcha is located in Yakutia, Siberia. This region is one of the coldest in the world and is currently experiencing one of its harshest winters to date.

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