World's weirdest looking dog lives a happy life against all odds

Internet - An unusual disease gave this dog named Tilly a shorter body, but she leads a happy life and inspires millions with her heartwarming story.

No, this picture has not been edited. This is just how Tilly looks.
No, this picture has not been edited. This is just how Tilly looks.  ©

Tilly's extremely strange appearance makes it look like she's missing the middle section between her front and back legs. But there's no reason to laugh at or make fun of the little dog.

As her owner explained on her Instagram account, Tilly suffers from a very rare dog disease called short spine syndrome, which means that the little Tibetan Spaniel's backbone is short due to a genetic defect.

All kinds of dog can be born with this syndrome, but it seems to be quite uncommon. In 2016, there were reportedly only 14 dogs in the world that suffered from it.

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Even though a shortened spine sounds dramatic, it hasn't caused Tilly any pain or health problems.

The cute animal just looks a little bit weird, but otherwise she is a normal and lively dog.

Tilly has thousands fans on TikTok

According to her owner, Tilly has a "huge heart" and currently weighs around eight pounds. Her current owner took her in when she was still a little puppy. She will be two years old in April.

Tilly is now an internet star. On TikTok, where she goes by the handle tillythefriendlyloaf, she currently has almost 100,000 followers. er owner gave her this name as a joke because the dog's square body looks like a loaf of bread.

Tilly's most successful video so far has more than 5.6 million views and 443,000 likes on TikTok. If you want to see more of the curious cutie, check out her channel.

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