Family hears noise in bathroom at night and is horrified by what they find

Tallebudgera, Australia - An unexpected guest shocked this Australian family in the dead of the night.

What caused this mess?
What caused this mess?  © Facebook/Screenshot/@GoldCoastSnakeCatcher.SERR

The family heard eerie noises from the bathroom on Sunday night, according to the Daily Star.

They suspected a burglar and decided to catch him red-handed, courageously ripping open the bathroom door. They were horrified to find something else entirely.

A huge python had snaked through the small window and wreaked havoc in the room. Several cleaning products were scattered on the floor, along with a few other items. The imposing animal was about eight feet long.

The Australians called in the professionals from Gold Coast Snake Catcher - South East Reptile Relocations and asked for help to come as soon as possible.

The snake was a carpet python

The python had wreaked havoc in the bathroom before a snake catcher got hold of him (montage).
The python had wreaked havoc in the bathroom before a snake catcher got hold of him (montage).  © Facebook/Screenshots/@GoldCoastSnakeCatcher.SERR

The team arrived on site shortly afterwards and brought a camera to document their work. The snake catchers published three photos on their Facebook page on Monday.

In the post, they wrote: "A family in Tallebudgera was woken up by this Carpet Python tonight which not only welcomed himself inside but began trashing the bathroom while making a poor attempt to escape."

One of the snake catchers finally got hold of the python. There was no serious danger, as carpet pythons are (luckily) not poisonous.

The team took the uninvited guest back to its natural habitat – and far enough away from the family so that it wouldn't be able to drop in uninvited again.

But the snake catchers' customers will certainly pay more attention to the bathroom window in the future.

Cover photo: Collage/Facebook/Screenshot/@GoldCoastSnakeCatcher.SERR

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