Penguins weigh in and charm the internet

St. Louis, Missouri - Very few people are as enthusiastic as these penguins when they step on the scale!

These well-behaved penguins wait their turn to be weighed on the scale.
These well-behaved penguins wait their turn to be weighed on the scale.  © Screenshot/Twitter/stlzoo

At the end of December, the Saint Louis Zoo shared an adorable video on Twitter that made the hundreds of animal lovers smile.

In the clip, a zoo employee kneels next to a scale and calls a penguin to her. It immediately waddles over enthusiastically.

She points to the scale and tells the animal that he needs to get on it. The little bird hops onto it without protesting.

The zookeeper is delighted that the penguin followed her command, and she strokes his feathers and calls him a "good boy."

The animal is obviously flattered by the attention, opening his beak and letting out a shriek of joy.

Suddenly, other penguins rush into the shot. It looks like they want a compliment too!

One by one, they climb onto the scale and wait patiently for further instructions. They only leave once they've received a pet, a compliment, and a treat.

Twitter could hardly be more in love!

It's a heartwarming sight, and the internet thinks so too! The penguin clip has over 5,000 views. In fact, the video was first posted to Twitter in April, and it was one of the zoo's most popular posts of 2020. It had over 900,000 views when first shared.

Just like when it was originally posted, Twitter users make it clear in the comments that they can't get enough of the adorable penguins.

One viewer says the zookeeper in the video has the best job ever: "I so want to weigh penguins for a living." Others want to know if they can help weigh the birds, or ask how one becomes a "penguin weigher" in the first place. Many say the video made them happy: "Dang, that made my whole day."

Still other commenters noted that there is no way they could that excited when it comes time to weigh themselves.

Cover photo: Screenshot/Twitter/stlzoo

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