Real-life Curious George is monkeying around on TikTok

Houston, Texas – Monkey see, monkey do! 13 million followers on TikTok can't wait to see what monkey business this mischief maker is up to next!

George opens a package of his likeness Curious George!
George opens a package of his likeness Curious George!  © Collage: TikTok/Screenshot/heresyourmonkeycontent & Instagram/Screenshot/heresyourmonkeycontent

Internet viewers are going bananas for a black-capped capuchin monkey named George, who has captivated viewers with his quirky videos and and quick reflexes.

George is the star of heresyourmonkeycontent and receives fan mail from all over the world. The monkey rips open the care packages and eagerly explores what's inside.

Sometimes he receives toys, but his favorite goodies are snacks of dried fruit and nuts.

So many people have requested to send him gifts that his family has created an Amazon Wish List to point them in the direction of the best monkey-approved treats.

George has become so popular that he promotes products with his own discount codes and does paid personal shoutouts on the celeb video app Cameo.

He even has his own monkey merch!

The 11-year-old house pet has inspired a clothing line of t-shirts and face masks dedicated to "Georgie Boy."

The curious monkey provides support and joy

George has human-like expressions and an appetite for snacks.
George has human-like expressions and an appetite for snacks.  © Instagram/Screenshot/heresyourmonkeycontent

The Texas family that owns George explained how they came to have such an unusual pet.

In a recent video, his family said that George bounced around between several homes in the first year of his life before happily living with them for the last ten years.

They originally got him as a service animal for their mother who has CRPS, an extremely painful nerve disorder.

He provides emotional support for her condition and now also lifts the spirits of everyone who sees him.

"George you make me so happy and helped me through things even my best friend couldn’t help me through. I appreciate you," one Instagrammer wrote.

"You are one of the only reasons I smile," said another who found comfort in his silly antics.

"Such a breath of fresh air," another George fan said.

Among viral video animals, this little monkey is definitely top banana!

Cover photo: TikTok/Screenshot/heresyourmonkeycontent & Instagram/Screenshot/heresyourmonkeycontent

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