Spectacular scene: crocodile lurks in the water when a shark suddenly approaches

Kununurra, Australia – Two prehistoric beasts came face to face in a remarkable scene captured on camera.

Spectacular scenes in the water: crocodile versus shark.
Spectacular scenes in the water: crocodile versus shark.  © Screenshot/YouTube/Caravan Adventure Aus

A gigantic crocodile and fearsome shark – rarely do we get to see two of the most dangerous predators so close to each other.

A drone captured this impressive scene near the Ivanhoe Crossing Bridge in Kununurra, Western Australia.

The footage shows a crocodile floating in the water. It remains motionless as a bull shark swims closer and closer. The tension rises as viewers wonder what will happen next. How will the two imposing animals react?

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Just as a confrontation looks inevitable, the shark changes course. It looks as if it spotted the monster crocodile at the last moment. Swimming past it in a large arc, the shark disappears.

The crocodile is unimpressed and continues to drift calmly, before also making its way out of view.

Outdoor couple Chelsea Wood and Bryce Connole were responsible for the video. "There were a lot of people fishing and children splashing around in the water – people were oblivious," Chelsea told The Australian.

The two had been fishing when they spotted the crocodile. They published the recording on their YouTube channel, Caravan Adventure Aus, where they regularly upload breathtaking videos from their trips around Australia.

Crocodile against shark: YouTube video shows remarkable encounter

For the past nine months, Chelsea and Bryce have been traveling Down Under, experiencing the adventures of a lifetime.

Cover photo: Screenshot/YouTube/Caravan Adventure Aus

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