Alec Baldwin announces his departure from "all the a**holes" on Twitter

East Hampton, New York - Actor Alec Baldwin has taken to Instagram to criticize the tense climate on social media.

Alec Baldwin (62) has apparently said goodbye to Twitter for good.
Alec Baldwin (62) has apparently said goodbye to Twitter for good.  © Screenshot/Instagram/alecbaldwininsta

"I deactivated my Twitter account today," the 62-year-old said in a video posted on Instagram on Wednesday.

But he apparently wants to remain active on Instagram: "I am very grateful to all of the people on Instagram who have embraced me, my wife, my family."

The reason for his withdrawal from Twitter was the reactions to one of his posts, which has since been deleted. According to Cosmopolitan, Baldwin retweeted an article about actor Gillian Anderson alternating between British and American accents, commenting, "Switching accents ? That sounds... fascinating."

The post was apparently referencing online discussions that ignited over his wife Hilaria Baldwin switching between Spanish and American accents in spoken interviews. The 37-year-old had to defend herself against accusations that she faked her Spanish heritage.

Baldwin's post didn't go down well, racking up many negative comments.

The actor criticized the online backlash: "Of course, you can't do any irony on Twitter, you can't do any irony in the United States anymore, because the United States is such an uptight, stressed out place and such an unpleasant place right now."

Baldwin described Twitter as the place "where all the a**holes in the United States and beyond go to get their advanced degrees in a**holiness."

Nevertheless, he admitted he will miss using the platform as a "news aggregator."

In the Instagram video, Baldwin also said he is the happiest he's ever been, thanks to his growing family. Being an older father has allowed him to spend more time with the kids, as he no longer has to spend as much time working and traveling.

The actor added that he and his wife are thrilled with their new baby daughter.

Cover photo: Screenshot/Instagram/alecbaldwininsta

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