Demi Lovato reveals new look on Instagram, but her ex is spoiling for a fight

Los Angeles, California - This love affair didn't last too long: within a few months, pop star Demi Lovato fell head over heels, got engaged, then broke it all off. But her ex still has a few – not very complimentary – things to say about her.

Farewell, long hair! Demi Lovato (28) surprised her fans with a new short haircut.
Farewell, long hair! Demi Lovato (28) surprised her fans with a new short haircut.  © Instagram/Screenshot/Bildmontage/ddlovato

For a while, it seemed that Demi had found love in times of corona. The 28-year-old had a whirlwind romance with actor Max Ehrich (29).

But he wasn't Mr. Right after all – the whole thing only lasted for a few months and then it was over and out between the two of them.

Demi didn't actually seem all that heartbroken about the separation. During a speech at the People's Choice Awards, she even joked openly about her unhappy love life. Describing her experience of the pandemic during the virtual ceremony, she joked that she had done the same things as everyone else: she got into painting, photography, meditation, got engaged and then unengaged.

As if to draw a line under her turbulent year, Demi also revealed a big change in an Instagram post: she is now sporting a blonde undercut!

While most of her more than 93 million followers celebrated the bold new look, two comments in particular drew a lot of attention. They were both posted by Demi's ex, who had picked a curious place and time to settle some scores. "Exploiting our breakup for clout at PCA is not chill," Mac Ehrich wrote, and he followed up by saying, "stop talking about me on award shows. thanks."

Since the photo had no connection whatsoever to him or her appearance at the PCA, Demi's fans responded by accusing Max of being hypocritical.

Demi Lovato's brand new look

Demi's new haircut is a radical departure from her usual style

Max Ehrich has also moved on and has a new girlfriend

Demi Lovato doesn't respond to her ex-fiance's jibe

Max Ehrich (29) isn't happy with his ex's jokes about their breakup.
Max Ehrich (29) isn't happy with his ex's jokes about their breakup.  © Instagram/maxehrich

The singer didn't react to her ex's harsh words, which in any case sank deep into the comments section as the positive feedback from colleagues and fans came pouring in. Noah Cyrus (20) or Tiffany Thornton (34) were among the celebrities enthusiastically congratulating Demi on her makeover. It looks like she is completely over her short pandemic romance.

Meanwhile, Max Ehrich is spending time with another brunette beauty, the 21-year-old artist Mariah Angeliq.

Is this the beginning or the end of a public feud between the two former lovers? Only time will tell.

Cover photo: Instagram/Screenshot/Bildmontage/ddlovato

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