Kim Kardashian bares her buns in new Twitter post

Los Angeles, California - Oh la la! It doesn't matter if temperatures are frosty: the sight of Kim Kardashian in this pink leather suit is sure to heat things up – and it's even sexier from the back!

Kim Kardashian is constantly proving that she looks amazing in anything she puts on.
Kim Kardashian is constantly proving that she looks amazing in anything she puts on.  © Twitter/Bildmontage/KimKardashian

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian knows how to show off what she's got. The 40-year-old is riling up her fans on Instagram and Twitter.

The brunette beauty's curves are clearly visible in the sexy rose pink jumpsuit. According to PageSix, the outfit is the work of fashion designer LaQuan Smith and part of his Spring/Summer 2021 collection.

Even though the metallic jumpsuit shines, many of Kim's fans only have eyes for her backside. The tops of her butt cheeks are clearly visible, as the Twitter posts prove. The pictures have more than 80,000 likes.

Her Instagram post, featuring three of LaQuan Smith's jumpsuits in rose gold, silver, and gold, received almost two million likes. The stunning pics are part of the promotion for her upcoming fragrance collection, which will be released on Thursday, according to her Instagram post – right on time for Valentine's Day!

Even though the Instagram pics are less revealing, fans still love the look of Kim in her metallic outfit. The comments are full of words of praise, like "hot," "stunning," and "queen."

Kim Kardashian bares her bum

Kim's Instagram post features three metallic jumpsuits

The big question as to what's going on between her and Kayne West remains unanswered, but in her last few pictures, she doesn't seem to be wearing her wedding ring.

Cover photo: Twitter/Collage/KimKardashian

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