Fortnite movie is just a matter of time after this latest move by Epic Games

Cary, North Carolina - Epic Games is setting up shop to make movies with an Entertainment Division and the producer of Disney's Star Wars movies.

Chapter 2 Season 8 features a story that is a far cry from the antics of the original cast in the early seasons.
Chapter 2 Season 8 features a story that is a far cry from the antics of the original cast in the early seasons.  © Image/Epic Games

Epic Games just headhunted three former Lucasfilm executives, including Jason McGatlin, who produced all the Star Wars movies released by Disney. This means a Fortnite movie is now likely just a question of "when", not "if".

The plans to make an Entertainment Division are in the works, and there have reportedly already been discussions about making a Fortnite film, according to people "familiar with the situation."

Epic's flagship battle royale game has included cinematic shorts, trailers, and special game modes since its release in 2017.

#NetflixWalkout trends amid protests over Dave Chappelle's comedy
Celebrities #NetflixWalkout trends amid protests over Dave Chappelle's comedy

They have featured stars from the Marvel Cinematic Universe including the mad Titan Thanos, some Avengers, and even the insane villain from Venom, the red horror named Carnage.

But the movie tie-ins don't stop with Marvel.

John Wick got his own game mode and in-game location after the movies' success, and he has to share the spotlight with the literal God of War, Kratos, as well as the Mandolorian, the Halo franchise's Master Chief, and even the most formidable hunter of them all, Predator.

Fortnite's ballooning cast and in-game events allow Epic Games to smoothly introduce changes to the game's items, cosmetics, and even the map when it updates the story with another cinematic.

This addition of updates paired with trailers is a common trend with the other two top-streamed Battle Royale games, Apex Legends and Call of Duty Warzone.

Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Warzone are all free-to-play, so the trailers also hype paid content which the games rely upon to turn a profit.

One big question for any Fortnite movie or series is how in the multiverse will Epic Games keep the original cast and cameos straight and make anything resembling canon?

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