James and Aaron contemplate Bachelor in Paradise engagements, but ditch their ladies in grand finale

Sayulita, Mexico – The finale of Bachelor in Paradise has made landfall, with couples contemplating engagement and two - James and Aaron - heading off into the sunset with each other, rather than a lovely lady.

Rather than riding off with their ladies, James and Aaron decided to make their exit together.
Rather than riding off with their ladies, James and Aaron decided to make their exit together.  © Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@aaronrclancy

It was a jaw-dropping and heart-stopping season finale of Bachelor in Paradise, as couples' time on the beach came to an end with a dramatic and in many ways frustrating end.

In an hour of incredibly entertaining drama, each, each contestant was forced to think long and hard about whether they were in love or lust with the person they had linked up with.

Aaron Clancy and James Bonsall were particular troublemakers for anyone wondering who ends up together on Bachelor in Paradise, but made a meme real with their dramatic exit.

Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer succumb to heartbreak

Before the last rose ceremony of Paradise even began, Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer had succumbed to the pressure of a possible engagement, and left in a tearful and heartbreaking goodbye.

Fortunately for those in Bachelor Nation who had fallen in love with the pair, they seemed to have worked out their differences post-departure, with Abigail posting a video of the couple on her Instagram shortly after the episode aired.

But no departure was quite as shocking as Aaron Clancy and James Bonsall's.

Aaron and James end Bachelor in Paradise journey in style

Rather than exploring a possible connection with the women they chose to link up with that week In Paradise, Aaron Clancy and James Bonsall gave up on their "girlfriends" and instead decided that their "bromance" was actually what they were looking for.

Instead of staying any longer, they opted to head back to San Diego together, to nurture their brotherly love.

An ex flame nearly causes problems as the sun sets in Paradise

Grocery Store Joe's game plan of confessing his undying love for Serena Pitt was almost derailed once again by noneother than his ex-girlfriend Kendall Long.

What could've been a tragic ending for Bachelor Nation quickly course corrected itself, though, when Kendall essentially told Joe that the only reason she was there was to give him and his new love, Serena Pitt, her unwarranted blessing.

With that crisis averted, Joe was cleared to get down on one knee and make Serena his wife-to-be, an offer she couldn't refuse.

It appears that the love birds' relationship has withstood the challenges of the real world, as well, with both Joe and Serena sharing lovey-dovey Instagram posts about one another not long after the finale wrapped.

Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn ended up together on Bachelor in Paradise

Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn left the show engaged, as did Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt.
Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn left the show engaged, as did Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt.  © Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@maurissagunn/@serena_pitt

There was also Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn, who became the first Black couple in Bachelor in Paradise history to leave the show engaged, and both made it very clear that their love remains strong.

After the finale, the pair shared a photo of them locking lips with roses strategically placed in the background and a "date night" candle lit beside them.

Per every season in Bachelor franchise history, jewelry designer Neil Lane put in work crafting the perfect engagement rings for the lucky ladies of season 7.

While the sun has set on Bachelor in Paradise, season 18 of The Bachelorette with Michelle Young leading the way kicks off on Tuesday, October 19 at 8 PM EST on ABC.

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshots/Instagram/@aaronrclancy

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