Selling Sunset: Biggest bombshells from the reunion special

Los Angeles, California – Leave it to the ladies of the hit Netflix show Selling Sunset to bring piping hot tea to season five's reunion special.

Christine Quinn (l.) was noticeably missing from Selling Sunset's season five reunion special.
Christine Quinn (l.) was noticeably missing from Selling Sunset's season five reunion special.  © Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/thechristinequinn & heatherraeyoung

The reunion special was hosted by none other than TV personality Tan France, who totally crushed the gig and didn't hold back from telling it like it is.

It's not easy to keep a group like Chrishell Stause, Emma Hernan, Maya Vander, Chelsea Lazkani, Heather Rae El Moussa, Vanessa Villela, Davina Potratz, Mary Fitzgerald, Brett and Jason Oppenheim on task and in-line, but Tan did it with ease.

Noticeably missing from the bunch was Amanza Smith, who Zoomed in for a hot minute in full glam, and the ever-polarizing Christine Quinn.

Despite their absence, the ladies spilled some piping hot tea chocked full of bombshell revelations.

From Chrishell dishing on her surprising new love interest, to the Oppenheim brothers updating viewers on Christine's status with the brokerage, the reunion was nothing short of jaw-dropping.

Chrishell finds her joy with a new boo

Chrishell Stause has fought her way to happiness.
Chrishell Stause has fought her way to happiness.  © Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/chrishell.stause

Those who have had the pleasure of binging season five witnessed Chrishell and Jason's romance kick-off, with the two love birds seeming happier than ever before.

Unfortunately, it's hard to change the tune of a lifelong bachelor, which Chrishell found out the hard way during the season finale.

But at the reunion special, she dropped quite the bomb on her castmates and fellow agents by disclosing that she's now dating Australian music artist G Flip.

Not only that, but the former actress also starred in their music video, where the two share some spicy moments. Honestly, we thought Chrishell couldn't be happier than she was while dating Jason. Boy, were we wrong!

The smile plastered on her face said it all, and even Jason commended Chrishell for finding her joy, and we love to see it.

Vanessa locks it down, Christine remains MIA, and more revelations

Many of the women on Selling Sunset have made amends with season five newcomer Chelsea Lazkani.
Many of the women on Selling Sunset have made amends with season five newcomer Chelsea Lazkani.  © Screenshot/Instagram/vannevillela

Chrishell isn't the only cast member who found her joy, either, as Vanessa confirmed that her romance came to full fruition in the form of an engagement!

It seems the promise ring she was gifted during season five was just a placeholder for an engagement ring, and what a gorgeous piece of bling it turned out to be.

As for newcomer Chelsea, it seems that watching season five back didn't stir up any major revelations in terms of realizing Christine truly is a villain in its purest form.

Regardless, it was comforting to hear she had made amends with Chrishell and Emma, though it's mind-boggling that she can still defend Christine and her horrific actions.

But hey, maybe it'll take getting burned by her so-called BFF to finally see the light of day. In that regard, it's not an if, but a when.

Given the fact that Brett and Jason confirmed that Christine is no longer with the brokerage, it'll be interesting to see if Chelsea ever hears from her again. For her sake, we hope it's a burned bridge that doesn't get rebuilt.

Davina confirmed that she did, in fact, lease out her impossible client's home. You know, the one whose $75 million listing she took on in season four – and failed to seal the deal on.

Maya also opened up about the heartbreaking stillbirth she endured at 38 weeks pregnant. Words cannot express the ache felt when hearing her speak about it, but it seems she's in a good place with the support she needs, and that's all one can hope for in such a heart-wrenching situation.

There's no word whether a Selling Sunset season six is in the works, but a new crew of Oppenheim Group realtors will soon grace the Netflix stage on the forthcoming series, Selling the OC.

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/thechristinequinn & heatherraeyoung

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