Did the Summer House cast "activate" Lindsay Hubbard at the season 7 reunion?

New York, New York - Part one of Summer House's season 7 reunion aired on Monday, and viewers of the show seem to have mixed reviews regarding the cast's treatment of Lindsay Hubbard during the taping, and her not-so "activated" reaction to the shade.

Summer House's Lindsay Hubbard (center r.) was hit with wild accusations during part one of the season 7 reunion special.
Summer House's Lindsay Hubbard (center r.) was hit with wild accusations during part one of the season 7 reunion special.  © Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/paige_desorbo & lindshubbs

Leave it to Bravo to air a reunion special that features cast members shouting over each other with no subtitles to be found.

On Monday night, part one of the Summer House season 7 reunion aired on Bravo, with castmates Lindsay Hubbard, her fiancé Carl Radke, and the pair's foes aka just about everyone else in the house joining host Andy Cohen for an open and slightly unhinged conversation about things that have happened on and off-camera since filming.

But rather than diving into the friendship breakup of Danielle Olivera and Lindsay head first, things took a turn for the chaotic when Paige DeSorbo and Ciara Miller started throwing shade Lindsay's way.

While mentioning Lindsay's "activated" side, which usually comes out when she's under the influence, Paige followed up with some intense accusations against Lindsay regarding "the way you treat production [and] the way you treat fans."

"Even Andy knows you're rude," Paige tells Lindsay during part one of the reunion special. "He had to yell at you at BravoCon for the way you speak to his employees."

But, rather than getting "activated" or verbally heated, Lindsay handled the accusations pretty well, with Carl even jumping in to defend his lady on more than one occasion – not that she needed the help.

While there may not be proof just yet of Paige's allegations, Summer House fans sure had some hot takes about Paige, Ciara, and Amanda Batula's treatment of the OG cast member.

Summer House viewers react to part one of the Season 7 reunion

One Twitter user wrote, "I would have thought Paige learned after the last reunion how bad she came off targeting Lindsay but she did it all again this year. She sucks."

Another tweeted, "I never tweet about my love for @BravoTV but omg this #summerhouse reunion is PAINFUL. Lindsay has done some questionable things but the cast is downright nasty to her and Carl. Come on Andy, say something!"

One viewer pointed out that love her or hate her, Lindsay has always remained true to herself: "Lindsay has always been Lindsay. You get the same Lindsay on the season and the reunion. Paige is the fake one. Boring all season and suddenly has a lot to say at the reunion."

Find out what happens on part two of Summer House's season 7 reunion when it airs June 5 on Bravo at 9 PM ET.

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/paige_desorbo & lindshubbs

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