The Bachelor: let's meet the single ladies vying for Zach Shallcross' love

Los Angeles, California - The cast for season 27 of The Bachelor has been revealed in a new trailer, meaning it's time to meet the single ladies looking for love!

Host Jesse Palmer (r) returns for Zach Shallcross' season of The Bachelor.
Host Jesse Palmer (r) returns for Zach Shallcross' season of The Bachelor.  © Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/zachshallcross & jessepalmer

If the newly dropped preview for Zach Shallcross' upcoming season of the Bachelor are any indication, things may not be as boring as Bachelor Nation initially assumed.

Though this may be due to the cast of characters AKA single women vying for Shallcross' heart more so than the tech bro Bachelor or returning host Jesse Palmer's, we'll take it!

The 30 women of season 27 range from age 23-30, and come from all over the US, with one contestant hailing from Vienna, Austria.

Their job titles – at least, before the show creatively and savagely changes them for their on-screen debuts – range from therapist, nanny, and financial advisor to nonprofit owner, content creator, and rodeo racer.

Those who tuned into season 19's live Bachelorette finale last year already met a few of Shallcross' ladies when they joined him on stage for "America's First Impression Rose," which was given to a contestant named Brianna after viewers voted for her in a Twitter poll. This means Brianna will be safe from elimination during the first week.

As for season 27's Bachelor, Shallcross is a 26-year-old tech executive in sunny California. According to a bio on ABC's website, Shallcross thinks of himself as an "old-fashioned romantic" with "a huge heart is so ready to share forever with the right woman."

Bachelor Nation will see if that's true when season 27 of The Bachelor premieres on January 23 at 8 PM EST on ABC.

Cover photo: Collage: Screenshot/Instagram/zachshallcross & jessepalmer

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