"Just angelic": Instagram model wows fans with sexy bikini pics

Miami, Florida - Have you ever heard of Kiki Passo? No? Then it's about time, because the 23-year-old Brazilian is one of the most beautiful models currently on Instagram – at least according to her fans.

Kiki Passo (23) proves just how sexy the swimwear can be (collage).
Kiki Passo (23) proves just how sexy the swimwear can be (collage).  © instagram.com/kikipasso

"Your look is enchanting," "So undeniably elegant True Beauty Perfection," and "You're just angelic": those are the kinds of comments that can be found on the young blonde's Instagram account.

No wonder! After all, the pretty Brazilian shares sexy snapshots of herself in very revealing clothing on her Instagram profile.

That means her 1.3 million followers get to see a lot of her beaming smile, her luscious mane, and, of course, her well-toned body. She shows off all this beauty in skimpy bikinis or seductive lingerie.

Because she's so attractive, followers apparently forgive the influencer for not posting new pictures on her Instagram profile as often as they might like.

While other Instagram beauties publish at least one new pic every day, the 23-year-old's account sometimes only gets a weekly update. Nevertheless, her posts get between 50,000 and 100,000 likes each.

Take a look at Kiki Passo's account, and you'll see why some people call her perfect.

Kiki Passo is different from other Instagram models

The blonde does a few things differently than other Instagram models. Unlike well known models like Violet Summers and Viking Barbie, Kiki Passo doesn't have an OnlyFans account to show off even more NSFW content.

Instead, Kiki runs her own homepage. She does show more skin there but doesn't post full nudes.

That doesn't seem to matter to her fans, who go insane with excitement every time she posts a new bikini pic on Instagram.

Cover photo: instagram.com/kikipasso

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