Young mom goes from being rejected by Subway to making bank on OnlyFans!

Tampa, Florida - She was forced to share an apartment with strangers because she was so broke, but after success on OnlyFans, Maddie Springs now owns multiple properties and can support her family.

Maddie Springs (29) in an Instagram selfie.
Maddie Springs (29) in an Instagram selfie.  © Instagram/Screenshot/maddiespringsofficial

The North Carolina native tried to find a decent job after graduating with a degree in psychology, but the degree initially got her nowhere.

The 29-year-old was stuck in the same situation so many others find themselves in after college: a mountain of debt, a degree with no prospects of a career, and yet too overqualified to be hired for minimum wage work.

"After graduation I found myself pretty broke. I couldn't get a job anywhere, I tried supermarkets and Subway and I could never get hired," Springs said, according to the Daily Star.

A vicious cycle ensued. "I sold all my belongings just to get gas money and food," she admitted, in her desperation, she decided to take a second look at someone's suggestion that she do some live cam work.

"On my first day, I made enough to pay a full month's rent, and I was living in this tiny, horrible apartment that I shared with several strangers," Maddie Springs said looking back.

Maddie Springs is very grateful to her fans

Some PG-rated sexy pics Maddie Springs is "giving away" via her Instagram account.
Some PG-rated sexy pics Maddie Springs is "giving away" via her Instagram account.  © Instagram/Screenshots/maddiespringsofficial

Once she decided to join OnlyFans, Springs quickly found success. She was able to move out of the tiny shared apartment and move now with her life as she's making nearly $39,000 a month now.

Today, the model lives in Florida and leads a life of luxury in Tampa. She has already been able to afford two properties and invests her money carefully. She is thankful for the support of her husband so that she can help provide for their family, which now includes a child.

"Soon I will be renting out both properties as an investment for my family's future and looking for another property to buy," she said.

Otherwise, Springs is keeping a very low profile and hopes no one in her neighborhood knows what she does for a living.

"My neighbors don't know much about me because I keep to myself. They're friendly, but I assume they think I'm an innocent mother because I dress like a typical suburban mom and have a nice home."

Maddie Springs knows all too well that others made sure she was able to become so rich: "Without my fans over the years, I would be nothing and I hope they know how grateful I am to them. They changed my life."

Cover photo: Instagram/Screenshots/maddiespringsofficial

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