BookTok creators that are worth the follow

With over 80 billion views, BookTok can seem vastly overwhelming, but several content creators in the community stand out from the rest.

BookTok has a significant presence on TikTok, with over 80 billion views of its respective hashtag.
BookTok has a significant presence on TikTok, with over 80 billion views of its respective hashtag.  © collage: unsplash/@helloimnik & @thoughtcatalog

BookTok is an incredibly vibrant TikTok community that provides an important space for users to discuss their favorite reads with others who are just as passionate about literature.

Content creators in the community share everything from book recommendations to playlists inspired by their favorite fictional characters.

Not all BookTok accounts are created equal, and many go above and beyond with great recommendations, pitch-perfect senses of humor, and intelligent insight into some truly amazing reads.

Whether you're new to BookTok or are something of an expert, these content creators are a must-follow.


@newlynova is a BookToker known for her "chaotic" reviews.
@newlynova is a BookToker known for her "chaotic" reviews.  © collage: screenshot/TikTok/@newlynova

No one does book reviews quite like @newlynova. With over 180,000 followers, the BookToker is best known for her signature "chaotic" reviews.

There's no one doing book reviews quite like her. To give you a sense of just how chaotic her reviews are, she described Alice Oseman's Heartstopper as better than her antidepressants and said Colleen Hoover's Verity will kill any sense of childhood left in you.

And she's 100% right on both fronts.

Her reviews will have you running to the bookstore before you even finish a single video.


@jackbenedwards is a notable BookTok creator, but he has an even larger following on YouTube.
@jackbenedwards is a notable BookTok creator, but he has an even larger following on YouTube.  © collage: screenshot/TikTok/@jackbenedwards

Jack Edwards describes himself as "the internet's resident librarian," and his content certainly backs up this title.

With outstanding book recommendations from almost every genre, Edwards' BookTok account highlights many titles you won't want to miss.

He also posts his fair share of book-related humor, which perfectly captures the unique hilarity of being a bookworm.

Edwards also boasts over a million subscribers on YouTube, where he shares long-form videos about books including rankings, recommendations, and challenges.


@aymansbooks has over 800,000 followers on TikTok.
@aymansbooks has over 800,000 followers on TikTok.  © collage: screenshot/TikTok/@aymansbooks

With nearly one million followers, Ayman is one of the most popular creators in the BookTok community.

And with very good reason as she not only has fantastic taste, but is also one of the most hilarious personalities on the app.

The 21-year-old content creator posts monthly wrap-ups that chronicle all her reads and her thoughts on them.

Ayman's "Shut Up & Read this Book" playlist is perfect for anyone looking for quick recommendations that are always worth the hype.


@kendra.reads is best known for her romance recommendations.
@kendra.reads is best known for her romance recommendations.  © collage: screenshot/TikTok/@kendra.reads

If you're looking for romance recommendations, look no further than @kendra.reads.

Kendra is a passionate and insightful creator who keeps her content creative with a wide array of different types of videos.

In an interview with WBTV, the 23-year-old discussed how important finding and sharing diverse reads are for readers of color.

"Those books carried me through college because I was so excited to read about people who looked like me," she said.

"They proved to me, unlike other books, that 'OK, I can look the way I do and still fall in love or have great adventures.' I'm worthy of that."

Do yourself a favor and follow these BookTok creators ASAP!

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