The new dress: TikToker's color-changing hat baffles the internet

Los Angeles, California - A TikToker is baffling the internet with a video of her new headwear, but just like 2015's great dress debate, there's more to this fuzzy hat than meets the eye.

Same hat, different light - the color change is due to what kind of light it's under.
Same hat, different light - the color change is due to what kind of light it's under.  © Screenshot/TikTok/oteliacarmen

When interior decorator Otelia Carmen returned home after doing some shopping, she was under the impression that she had just bought a cozy green bobble hat. That made it all the more bizarre when the item she unpacked turned out to be brown!

It turns out this hat is rocking the same optical illusion that a dress in 2015 had going for it. At the time, people all over the world argued endlessly over whether it was blue or white.

Just as with the dress, it turns out that different lighting changes how you see the hat's hue.

The explanation lies in color theory: warm light, which has less blue tones, produces a completely different color result than colder blue-tinted light.

A great example of this phenomenon are different colors of paint in the hardware store. These can look completely different in your own four walls, depending on warm/cold light and the amount of daylight in your home.

To illustrate the hat's confusing color conundrum, Carmen posted several videos on her TikTok channel, which racked in millions of views and even some complaints that the whole thing was fake.

The hat's label gave no clue as to what hue it's supposed to have, so the answer to this particular mystery will stay in the eye of the beholder.

Cover photo: Screenshot/TikTok/oteliacarmen

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