TikToker shares her secret to dealing with dick pics and it's hilarious!

Belgium - Shauna Dewit from Belgium has built up quite a large following on her TikTok account, but with a little more fame came a lot more unsolicited dick pics. She is now giving tutorials to her 420,000 followers on how to handle this ugly side of social media.

Shauna Dewit (22) in an Insta selfie.
Shauna Dewit (22) in an Insta selfie.  © Instagram/Screenshot/shauna.dewit

When Shauna Dewit (22) used her visibility online to share her dislike of unsolicited dick pics, the move unfortunately resulted in her receiving more of them than ever before.

The response from men all over made her more frustrated than ever before, and she knew she wasn't alone in the struggle with the unwanted advances. As Unilad reported Sunday, the Belgian came up with a clever solution.

More than 7.7 million people have watched Dewit's hilarious "innocent" method of handling aggressive men online.

When she receives one of these photos, she just replies with one of another man's privates from her depressingly large collection.

The influencer's artful plan worked out perfectly, because most of the men reacted to the unwanted dick pic with disgust.

The Influencer's plan of attack works out

Now others are prepared

Shauna Dewit took direct advantage of the situation to highlight the irony, telling the guys who complained to her, "I do the exact same thing you do!"

Towards the end of her video, she explained that she still can't understand why men do it, other than they must think their private parts are very beautiful, because they surely wouldn't send something ugly to a woman. But she has yet to see a beautiful one.

Dewit's solution to unsolicited dick pics has received 1.9 million likes so far, and many cheered her in the comment, so there's a chance her method could become the standard.

Cover photo: Instagram/Screenshots/shauna.dewit

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