"You have been pooping wrong": TikToker introduces questionable lifehack

Internet - Snacks and entertainment on the porcelain throne? One TikToker thinks this is the future!

TikToker Amy shows how to sit backwards on the toilet bowl (collage).
TikToker Amy shows how to sit backwards on the toilet bowl (collage).  © TikTok/Screenshot/amyywoahh

"This will change your life forever. You have been pooping wrong," says TikTok user Amy.

In a viral video that has become very "poopular", Amy explains to her 11 million followers why they should sit backwards on the toilet when taking a poop.

"It's the best," she says.

By facing the bowl, you can have your laptop and favorite snacks handy on the convenient improvised shelf.

Then you'd never get hungry or bored while when you're trying to poo, Amy concludes.

The video has been viewed three million times and gained an incredible 12,000 comments.

"This is a good idea," said one convert. "I love this."

Thanks to her simple life hack, her duty in the bathroom had turned into the best time of day.

"You just sit there pooping and you're jamming out!" she exclaims in the video.

TikTok is horrified: "My food can't touch bathroom air!"

More TikTok users are trying out the curious trend.
More TikTok users are trying out the curious trend.  © TikTok/Screenshot/texastraveler123

The majority of TikTok commenters were skeptical. Some claimed Amy had ripped the idea from a South Park episode on the subject.

Most users simply agreed how unhygienic the snacking was.

"My food can't touch bathroom air," one user wrote. "It's nasty" and "disgusting" said others.

A doctor even commented that the reversed seating could lead to hemorrhoids.

"It's all fun and games until your iPad or food falls in the toilet," another commenter warned.

Yet many users replied to Amy's post with their own videos trying out the trend, which also got millions of views. Some argued that if the bathroom is cleaned often, it could actually be the best place in the house to munch.

No matter which side of the debate TikTokers were on, the video sure caused a big stink!

Cover photo: TikTok/Screenshot/amyywoahh (collage)

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