Pro-choice activist fights pro-life commenters one dollar at a time

San Francisco, California - Pro-choice activism after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade has been popping up in legendary ways, and one scientist educator is fighting for women's rights one comment at a time.

Emily Calandrelli, or The Space Gal, is an activism legend.
Emily Calandrelli, or The Space Gal, is an activism legend.  © Screenshot/Instagram/thespacegal

Emily Calandrelli, also known as the mind and host behind Emily's Wonder Lab, has started a donation rampage fueled by "anti-pro-choice" commenters on her Facebook page.

In a video she posted on Instagram, Calandrelli explained her brilliant idea: "When people make anti-pro-choice comments on my Facebook page, I click on their profile, find out where they're from, and donate to an abortion fund in their state."

Calandrelli kept the pressure on and later tweeted screenshots of the comments along with her response to their pro-life talking points. She started each off by thanking them for their words before declaring how much she donated to abortion funds in their home state.

The real kicker is that she's put each donation in each respective commenter's name, adding a lovely twist to this unique style of activism.

Donations for abortion clinics and funds

A commenter on Calandrelli's thread shared a link to a Google Doc with a collection of abortion donation funds by state, along with a plethora of helpful information at the top.

The Google Doc is also available as a website called, which makes figuring out donations to abortion clinics and funds around the country even easier.

Since these funds and clinics have been fighting the good fight for decades, they already have solid experience in working to support women's reproductive rights – even when the Supreme Court strips them away.

Activism for women's rights can take many forms, and donating to abortion funds in the states where vocally pro-life commentors live is revolutionary work.

Cover photo: Screenshot/Instagram/thespacegal

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