Ted Cruz confronted at restaurant following NRA speech

Houston, Texas - Fresh off speaking at the National Rifle Association convention held three days after 21 people were gunned down in a Texas grade school, Sen. Ted Cruz was confronted by a frustrated citizen in a Houston-area restaurant Friday.

An activist named Benjamin Hernandez (c.) confronts Sen. Ted Cruz (l.) at Uptown Sushi in Houston.
An activist named Benjamin Hernandez (c.) confronts Sen. Ted Cruz (l.) at Uptown Sushi in Houston.  © REUTERS

Video being shared on social media by the group Indivisible Houston shows an apparent constituent first posing for a photo with Cruz, then engaging him in a seemingly one-sided debate.

The man seemed to want an answer as to why Cruz, who receives considerable financial support from pro-gun groups, would speak at a convention celebrating firearms in the wake of Tuesday’s tragedy in Uvalde, Texas.

The determined activist asked Cruz about background checks and other potentially lifesaving measures, but gave him little opportunity to respond. Security then got involved.

"Nineteen children died!" Cruz’s antagonist correctly stated as he was pulled away. "That’s on your hands!"

The confrontation took place at an eatery called Uptown Sushi, according to Indivisible Houston. The man shouting at Cruz was escorted away from the senator, who returned to his table.

In his speech Friday, Cruz blasted the slaughter at Robb Elementary School as "evil" while arguing against gun control. He spoke before former President Donald Trump, who expressed similar sentiments while again pushing his false claim that the 2020 presidential election had been stolen from him.

Cover photo: REUTERS

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